Shark UV540 VS NV356E : Which Is The Winner?

Shark models are endless inspiration sources to me. The way they innovate and improve their previous models so that the customers can see new things whenever there are new models. They gained current reputation due to the smart designs, advanced technologies and user-friendly machines. Especially, most of their models are middle-priced yet their quality is comparable to high-end products. Therefore, by buying Shark models, you can still experience advanced technologies while being able to save some money. Shark offers a pretty large number of collections, including Navigator, Rotator, Ion, Rocket and so on. Today, our main characters are Shark UV540 vs NV356E. Both also belong to Shark Navigator which is one of the best-selling vacuum lines of Shark. This series has powerful and amazing machines that can live up to your expectances. Now, if you are curious what makes them different and resemble each other, then keep on watching.

Shark UV540 vs NV356E: Comparison and Review

The Shark NV356E is really popular and favor with many customers on the Internet. Shark Navigator is the line that includes both Shark UV540 and NV356E. As we also know, lightweight, powerful and multiplayers are the feature of models in this vacuum line. They are manufactured to work especially on different surfaces. Shark UV540 and NV356E will convert all those characteristics with more updates and upgrades. Therefore, we can expect these two models to show many things in common. Besides, they are still able to stand brightly on their own with a few differences. Come to check out right now!

Shark UV540 Reviews

UV540 is really a good choice of you want to clean your house with lightweight and portable upright vacuum cleaner. It is bagless upright vacuum with Swivel steering to excellent control for maneuvering around furniture. Besides, it combines Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology and HEPA filtration that is well-known technology of Shark. This technology is useful to capture and hold dust and allergens in your house so much. Nevertheless, Shark UV540 does a great job with the extended reach kit and Lift-Away technology. It lets you easily and quickly clean anywhere in your house totally with quiet operation that is very perfect. Moreover, the 35-feet cord in length make users move around the obstacle freely and easily. Additionally, brush roll shutoff is excellent to switch between carpet and bare floor when you clean. At last the Air-driven pet brush works well for remove stubborn pet hair from furniture and upholstery.

Shark NV356E Reviews

Right, Shark NV356E is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner that is great to use on carpets and bare floors. It comes with a HEPA filter that you use to remove allergens. Besides, Shark gives it a swivel steering and an extra-large dust cup for collecting more dust or dirt. Moreover, you can easily move around your house to clean thanks to this feature. When you see, this fairly standard white vacuum doesn’t have the different look as any other ordinary vacuum. However, this model makes it different to boasts a lift-away function. As you know, this lets users separate the canister from the head. This lift-away technology is well suitable for more efficiently cleaning those hard-to-reach places in your house.

Nevertheless, Shark NV356E from Amazon will give you many attachments. The useful tools they give are crevice tool, dusting brush, pet power brush as well as dust-away bare floor attachment with two microfiber pads. Last but not least, it also comes with a 30-foot-long power cord for freely removing.

The Design

First off all, they are both upright vacuum and bagless vacuum. Therefore, They come with familiar designs and work with lift-away function as both kinds. The good thing is that they are available in different shades, so diversity they are. This lift-away function let users clean difficult places, such as ceiling, curtain or stairs with ease. While the NV356E has white and silver on its body, the UV540 comes with grey. Besides, as their dimensions, the UV540 looks so thinner and more sophisticated when we compare it to the other. Both Shark UV540 vs NV356E share the same height, around 45.5 pounds.

The Portability

As other vacuums coming with Swivel Steering technology, Shark UV540 and NV356E have great maneuverability thanks to this. It really helps to make the machines move so smoothly around obstacles, such as the legs of indoor furniture. Although the UV540 looks thinner, it is heavier as compared to the NV356E, which is only 13.7 pounds. Hence, the UV540 may be heavy to someone. Meanwhile, the NV356E is ideal and so friendly for everyone, of course, including the elderly. However, there is a bit difference in their cord. The reason is that the length of the power cord will add more space to clean. Therefore, it is very useful for saving space and moving. The UV540 has a longer cord with 5-ft meanwhile the NV356E owns a 30ft cord in length. Another advantage of the UV540 is an extra extension wand.

The Cleaning Performance

The price of Shark UV540 and NV356E are usually reasonable. However, it doesn’t mean that their quality is only average or so-so, even lower. Those models are attractive many users widely in the world because of their fantastic performances despite their costs.

General Features

  • The Never Loses Suction technology is a famous point in Shark’s marketing strategy that come with two models. As you can see, every Shark vacuum all has this feature that supports to clean. In reality, Shark has overcome other famous brands thanks to this technology which make people satisfied and choose them. From that, the loss of air flow during cleaning job won’t make you worried about preventing it. Shark UV540 vs NV356E enable to provide consistent suction power from the beginning to the end of cleaning session.
  • Other outstanding and valuable of them is HEPA filtration. This is really a very high level of filtration that helps to get rid of allergens from the air. It is able to remove a large amount of all particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or over. As statistics, it can reach up to 99.97% dust or dirt as well as allergens. Thanks to its excellent allergy-eliminating feature, the Navigator Lift-away has actually received certificate by the British Allergy Foundation. This is instrumental to prove that these models are great for those who suffer allergies or asthma.

The Difference

  • The UV540 owns a deluxe motorized brushroll which you can turn on or off. With this function, it can supply superior results on both carpets and bare floors. The NV356E also has motorized brushroll shutoff to deep clean carpet and gentle bare floor.
  • Finally, as the great thing we mentioned above, the Lift-away function is the key feature. You can remove the canister to stay on the handle from the main body of the vacuum. Moreover, carrying it around for cleaning tight places such as corners is really easier.
  • Except the brushroll, Shark UV540 has anther brush which is air-driven pet brush. This brush supports greatly to remove stubborn pet hair from furniture and upholstery.

The Price

Both Shark UV540 and NV356E have reasonable and affordable prices that are great for everyone. Of course, there is still a small difference between these two with no considerable gap.

Shark UV540

Shark NV356E

The Shark UV540 Feedbacks

The Shark UV540 received many positive feedback from customers from amazon. It shows how much customers love this masterpiece. Some people even said that it worked better than their previous Dyson. In addition, with the pet brush, the vacuum get the jobs done well without letting dust particles or hair left behind. However, the problem is a few people found it a bit heavy.

The Shark NV356E Feedbacks

As I follow Shark NV356E on Amazon, It is amazing that there are many people giving it a 5-star. They estimates approximately 75% its customer rating. Most of them are impressive with its powerful suction and great versatility that a vacuum should have. However, it doesn’t have head light for cleaning dark areas. Therefore, the users are difficult to clean these places, dirt or dust still stays on the floors or carpets.

The Conclusion

Overall, Shark UV540 vs NV356E also get a lot of similar technology and other features. Therefore, their performances are less difficult with each other that make many people still confused when choosing. Besides, some differences of idesign, function as well as accessories. power cord and prices will place them into different customer groups. Think carefully and get the right decision after research much about what you need.

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