Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet

Steam vacuum cleaners are improvements to vacuum cleaners that produce better cleaning results. 

As we all know, steam cleaning is an efficient and effective method for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces without compromising strength.

A full understanding of this important household instrument should precede any impulsive purchase based on the ease of maintenance and the lack of exposure to chemicals. 

The discomfort of steam cleaning high temperatures, the long drying times for carpet, and the necessity of cleaning more at once make steam cleaners less appealing whether you have ever used them or not.

In addition, vacuum cleaners have also gained great reputations as powerful, fast, and convenient cleaning tools. 

Based on the reviews of our customers, we have analyzed the factors of popularity and concluded that customers desire the best from both cleaners, not to choose one cleaner over another. 

Hence, we have brought you this article on the best steam vacuum cleaner for carpet, which is in its own right the supreme vacuum cleaner.

We understand that you have a hard time trusting us because you love your house and put a great deal of effort into keeping it clean. 

What is our identity? What are the reasons for believing our article? 

As part of our work, we focus on cleaning, and our long and deep involvement in the cleaning industry has inspired us to design cleaners that are better and more effective.

We are committed to developing, redesigning, analyzing, and experimenting with a variety of gadgets that result in light and productive tasks in the cleaning process. 

As such, the article was written in order to reach you, and as always, the decision rests with you.

Using this advanced machine, you are able to clean your home with steam and vacuum at the same time, eliminating the need to choose between the two. 

Let’s get started!

Our Top 6 Picks – 6 Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet

1. Bissell 15651 ProHeat  Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner – Best Maneuverability Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Best maneuverability steam

Bissell, 15651 ProHeat

Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Lift-Off Pet refreshes your carpets with a deeper clean. Its unique and innovative design offers upright cleaning and a detachable, portable deep cleaner to tackle pet messes on stairs, on upholstery, in the car, and wherever stains hide.

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With another innovative design, Bissell offers you an upright and deep cleaning vacuum cleaner beautifully integrated with a steam cleaner that is durable and dependable. 

With this full-size versatile carpet cleaning machine, you are guaranteed a professional cleaning style result, leaving no doubt in your mind.

With its unique detachable lift-off pod and 22-foot power cord, the BissellProHeat can handle even the toughest messes and clean them in one-go, with its 3/4 gallon tank capacity providing incredible flexibility to clean even car interiors, upholstery, corners, and crevices. 

You must be in a state of confusion. There is still a great deal of magic to be revealed here.

Having obtained full suction and thorough vacuum cleaning, here is the beautiful combination of a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner in a more refined and preferable manner. 

This is made possible by the Heatwave technology in the steam vacuum cleaner, which maintains water temperature throughout the cleaning process, thus ensuring greater safety than a steam cleaner with high water temperature.

Furthermore, the development of dual dirt lifter power brushes has exceeded the expected results in terms of both vacuuming and steaming.

With two rows of ten rows of bristles, the PowerBrushes eliminate stubborn dirt and stains that hide deep within the carpet fibers.

Additionally, steam vacuum cleaners, spraying crevice tools, and an 8-ounce bottle enhance the work performance along with the steam vacuum cleaner. 

Formula bottles in trial size.  Scrubbing and siphoning away tough stains from carpets, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas is easy with the tough stain tool. 

A refurbished spray crevice tool is also included to clean the corners, edges, and crevices of carpets.

The Pro Max BISSELL deep-clean anti-bacterial formula thoroughly cleans and protects carpets by removing hard-to-remove, ground-in dirt and stains, thereby eliminating 90% of bacteria responsible for odors. 

Who would not want such an opportunity? It would definitely be a hit with carpets!

When you purchase BISSELL 15651, you are indirectly helping to save homeless pets, and I am sure you would agree that this is a thoughtful policy. 

The manufacturer offers a three-year limited warranty that covers a few parts that may need to be replaced. 

A BISSELL steam vacuum cleaner radiates an exciting and unconventional look thanks to its classic black color and orange accents, which are a testament to the machine’s design.


  • Portable
  • Powerful Suction
  • Dual Dirtlifter Power Brushes
  • Heatwave technology
  • Spraying Crevice tool
  • Tough Stain Tool
  • Deep Clean Anti-Bacterial Formulas
  • Large Tank Capacity


  • Bulky
  • Noisy
  • No separate soap tank
  • Works only on 110v

2. Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner – Editor’s Choice

Editor’s choice

Hoover Smartwatch

Automatic Carpet Cleaner

The Hoover SmartWash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner eliminates the guesswork with Automatic Cleaning Technology that makes carpet cleaning as easy as vacuuming. Wash carpet by simply pushing forward to clean and pulling back to dry.

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With its automatic cleaning technology, the Hoover Smartwash is able to be considered a top-of-the-line product in the cleaning industry. 

An auto-clean motion-sensing mechanism on the Hoover reads the surface and pushes forward to clean while pulling back to dry on its own, so you do not need to bother with your own guesstimates. 

I agree! Yes, that is correct! It does not have multiple buttons, triggers, or other unnecessary features.

This smartwatch weighs 18.9 pounds and is highly functional and easy-to-use. 

In addition, the Hoover Carpet Cleaner features an auto-mix feature that precisely mixes and dispenses cleaning solutions to enhance the steam cleaner’s effectiveness. 

This will be a great addition to your carpet!

Furthermore, the gadget does not leave any part of its work unfinished. 

With Hoover Smartwash’s Auto-Dry mechanism, you receive a complete cleaning experience with powerful water extraction combined with Heatforce Technology, resulting in a much faster drying time.

Hoover offers Flexforce Powerbrushes that effectively remove deep dirt, dander, and pet messes with supreme gentleness. 

Hoover has the flexibility to remove even the toughest stains and stains from furniture, stairs, and upholstery with tools attached. 

Moreover, you are able to extend the distance at which you can clean due to the 22 foot cord length. 

As a result, the whole cleaning process has been brought full circle and is highly versatile.

Additional resources include a 2-in-1 pet tool, a stair tool, a sample bottle of cleaning solution, a 12 foot hose, and an accessory storage bag. 

With the tools attached, you will be able to clean in-depth, while the upright deep cleaner solution will be able to tackle dirt and stains as well as enhancing the cleaning experience. 

It is an adaptable device that makes deep cleaning as easy as vacuuming with the Hoover Carpet Cleaner.

The 5-year warranty included with Hoover Smartwash protects you against defects in parts and workmanship. 

Using the turquoise color of Hoover on its exterior, it promotes clarity and relaxation in the room it has been assigned to clean. 

It is more convenient and time-saving to clean with Hoover around you because it saves your effort and time.


  • Auto-Clean Technology
  • Auto-mix design
  • Heat force Technology for faster drying
  • Removable, easy to clean the nozzle
  • Flexforce Power brushes
  • Storage bag
  • Pet-friendly


  • Does not heat the water
  • Lacks quick clean mode
  • Doesn’t have manual detergent spraying mode
  • No for Berber Carpet

3. BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner – Best Peaceful Carpet Cleaner

Best Peaceful Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Proheat

2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner

Just like you, we love our pets, but, eventually, every pet makes a mess. Whether it’s tracked-in mud or even accidents, Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro handles tough pet messes thanks to the exclusive Pet Pro Cleanup System.

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We also have a Bissell revolutionary carpet cleaner that weighs only 17.5 pounds and has a low profile foot that permits easy maneuverability around and under beds and furniture. 

In addition to the 22 foot cord length, Bissell presents to you a pro-Heat 2X revolution carpet cleaner, which was designed to eliminate the need to rent a machine. 

With only half the weight, Bissell presents to you a much more convenient carpet cleaner that you will actually be able to own and use.

Dual dirt lifter power brushes with 12 rows of bristles engage deeply in cleaning to eliminate embedded dirt and dust so that you are not fooled by dust. 

With these power brushes, you will be able to smoothly remove ingrained dust and danders, even after upgrading to MAX clean mode.

Furthermore, ProHeat 2X Carpet cleaners also feature Heatwave technology, which maintains a constant water temperature during cleaning. 

Using this method, you will be able to clean deeply into the surface continuously and delicately. 

Furthermore, your carpet will be fresh and new in 30 minutes thanks to the clean mode feature.

A pet stain tool, a 3″ tough stain tool, and two 8 oz. attachments are included with the Bissell Proheat revolution carpet. Formulas in trial size. 

In order to remove the toughest stains and odors from carpets, a pet stain tool is equipped with spray tips that penetrate deep into the fibers. 

The tough stain stool facilitates the cleaning process by scrubbing and sucking stubborn dirt and stains that have been ingrained in the grout. 

By removing more than 90% of odor-causing bacteria, deep clean antibacterial formulas protect and enhance the hygiene of floors and carpets. 

I see! What a relief it will be for your carpets!

According to the manufacturer, a 2-year limited warranty applies to your purchase of the revolutionary Bissell carpet cleaner. 

This vacuum conveys its joy and warmth to you by exhibiting an orange color scheme. 

By purchasing this Bissell product here, you are helping to save the lives of pets as well. 

Could you please wave back at me?


  • Low profile design for easy maneuverability
  • Max clean mode
  • Heatwave technology
  • Express clean mode for short drying time
  • Pet-friendly tools attachments
  • Bissell deep-clean antibacterial formulas


  • Difficult Configuration
  • Requires large space for storage

4. Hoover Carpet Cleaner Steamvac – Best all-rounder steam vacuum cleaner

Best all-rounder

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Steamvac

Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900

‘HOOVER F5914-900 steamvac with clean surge. Patented spin scrub brushes scrub carpet fibers on all sides to gently loosen dirt, heated cleaning directly applies heat to the floor where it’s needed the most, 2-speed brush control for normal or gentle cleaning

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Another modern Hoover design is enlisted on our list of the ‘best steam vacuum cleaner for carpets’: the Hoover Carpet Cleaner Steamvac. 

Using a fingertip clean surge function, this device has the ability to remove hard-to-reach stains and heavy traffic areas by applying extra detergent at the touch of a button.

Additionally, the vacuum is equipped with a powerful 12 amp motor that is able to effectively clean floors. 

Despite the great properties of this Hoover, it has an ace card: exclusive spin scrub technology-patented 360 degrees counter-rotating removable brushes that gently loosen dirt from all sides. 

As a result of this attribute, carpets are designed to be durable and hygienic.

With its dual tank technology and heat-activated drying mechanism, the machine is ideal for a steam vacuum scenario. 

Clean and dirty water are separated in separate tanks, allowing for easy filling, emptying, and rinsing of each tank. 

A further benefit of this heat-activated drying method is that it lifts and removes residual water from carpet fibers within a shorter period of time.

A 3-speed brush roll control is included as well, where the high speed is used for normal cleaning, the low speed for gentle cleaning, and the off speed is used for spill cleaning. 

In addition, you will find that there is no belt factor, so there will be no need to worry about changing, replacing, or breaking the belt. The tool mode is also available.  

As a result of this tool mode, the brushes cease spinning in order to protect hard flooring. The feature is subtle and thoughtful.

A spin scrub-powered hand tool, an 8-foot accessory hose, and a sample bottle of cleaning solution are included with the Hoover steam vac for increased flexibility. 

With the powered spin-scrub tool, you can achieve smooth cleaning results on stairs, upholstery, and corners that are difficult to reach. 

Additionally, you will receive an additional 8 ft hose, an extension of 20 feet of cord length, as well as a cleansing detergent to make your cleaning complete, dynamic, and versatile.

Designed in a seaside color, the exterior of this Hoover steam vac expresses openness, depth, and sensibility. 

As a result, your carpets and the entire room will feel refreshed after the whole cleaning session. 

Your purchase of this steam vacuum is covered by a one-year limited warranty, so it’s up to you to decide whether to use it on carpets as well.


  • Clean Surge Control
  • Spinscrub technology
  • 3-speed brushroll control
  • Dual tank technology
  • Powerful 12-amp motor
  • Heat-activated drying
  • Removable brushes
  • No belt feature


  • No auto-mix feature
  • Lack of brushed-edge cleaning
  • Non-removable nozzle

5. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner – Best Canister Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Best canister steam vacuum

McCulloch MC1375

Canister Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System is a multi-purpose steam cleaner, great for cleaning and mopping. Using ordinary water heated to over 200F, the MC1375 effectively and naturally cleans a wide variety of surfaces.

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With the McCulloch MC1375 steam cleaner, you can effectively clean and mop a wide variety of surfaces in the most effective and natural manner possible. 

The wizard uses heated, pressured steam in order to deep-clean diverse areas without using chemicals. 

It can clean sealed floors, outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, lawn equipment, and even wheels and engines without the use of chemicals. 

All of your home’s corners and spaces are now covered by one device. Designed to do a variety of tasks, this steam vacuum cleaner is all-in-one and multi-skilled.

A large tank capacity is definitely included in the larger establishments in the cleaning industry. 

The 48-ounce water tank warms up in under 12 minutes and provides you with 90 minutes of steam cleaning with synchronized factors like precise steam flow control, steam lock, and 58 PSI steam pressure that work together to remove grease and grime.

An extra 18-foot power cord and 10-foot insulated hose are supplied for the machine’s extensive surface reach in order to deliver steam to hard-to-reach places with a great deal of maneuverability. 

The design as a whole established reliability and durability adding value to a wide range of outdoor and workshop products as well as providing all-round steam vacuum capabilities. 

Is there anything you need to clean?

Several multipurpose accessories are included with the McCulloch Canister Steam Vacuum, including: canister steam cleaner, 16.5 ft extension wand (2), large mop head, nozzle (angled and jet), 3 ft scraper, dynamic brushes such as a 4ft triangle brush attachment, a large brush attachment, and bristle brush attachment with additional attachments such as 1.5 ft brash utility brush, nylon utility brush (2), and 2.5 ft round brush for cleaning multisurface 

Additionally, there are variable mop pads such as microfiber mop pads, scrubbing mop pads, and 2.5 foot round scrub pads(2).

In addition to the storage bag, the accessory net, and Fill the cup, McCulloch offers a further 20 versatile subsidiary products.

The McCulloch product you purchase here is backed by an outstanding customer service team in Andover, Kansas along with a hassle-free 2-year warranty, ensuring your total satisfaction in both ways. 

Black is the perfect color to express the power, elegance, and grounded working styles of the McCulloch Canister steam vac.


  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • large tank capacity
  • Greater reach
  • Multi-surface cleaning plus mopping
  • Perfect for outdoors cleaning as well
  • 20 versatile supplements
  • Reliable support on purchase
  • Certified frustration free


  • For 120 volts only

6. McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner – Best Lightweight Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Best lightweight vacuum

McCulloch MC1275

Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Providing 1500 watts of steam power, the MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner requires no chemicals and is easy to use. Ideal for cleaning and detailing cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats, the cleaner removes grease and grime from engines, wheels, and chrome accessories.

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The McCulloch Canister is another of McCulloch’s icons, and with the addition of new features, it is unique to McCulloch. 

Using ordinary water heated over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, this McCulloch steam cleaner cleans large and numeral surfaces without using any chemicals.

The McCulloch device is capable of cleaning wide areas including floors, appliances, fixtures, outdoor furniture, and countertops, making it ideal for deep cleaning the entire house (indoors and outdoors). 

The McCulloch steam vacuum cleaner comes with all these features in one device, so you can add it to your home (in fact, to multiply the cleaning intensity).

Additionally, the heavy-duty steam cleaner is equipped with a 48-ounce tank that provides you with 45 minutes of steam flow. 

The tank heats up in less than 8 minutes. Steam can be provided continuously by the steam lock switch by simply pressing the steam button. 

Your fingers and wrists will be relieved as you will not have to press it constantly.

The cord length of 15.7 feet and the steam hose of over 9 feet give you the ability to reach those difficult areas in a calm and comfortable manner. 

With different brushes and scrubbing pads, the steam vacuum can clean a variety of surfaces, including grills, ovens, garages and larger areas. 

This is due to the versatile brushes and scrubbing pads that provide multi-surface dexterous cleaning. 

A total of 18 accessories are included! Certainly! There will be a sense of freshness in your home like you have never experienced before.

With 18 additional resources, this instrument is capable of steam cleaning in a more detailed and detailed manner. 

A steam cleaner is included in the package along with a carrying handle, two extension wands, a mop head, and different types of brushes. 

In addition, there are nylon utility brushes, brass utility brushes, and triangle brushes (5). 

Scrub pads and microfiber pads are provided to enhance scrubbing power, and the remaining attachments include a steam jet nozzle, an 8.5 ft squeegee, a measuring cup, and a water funnel. 

It is now possible to choose a machine with clear instructions that will provide you with a hassle-free operation.

Upon purchasing your McCulloch heavy duty steam cleaner here, you are covered by a 2-year hassle-free warranty and can expect outstanding customer service from an Andover, Kansas-based customer service team. 

In this complex and dynamic cleaning process, the color grey/yellow on McCulloch’s heavy-duty steam vacuum conveys lightness and freshness. 

If you decide to use the steam vac at home, give it a little love as it is well designed for maintaining tidiness in your home.


  • Chemical free cleaning
  • large tank capacity
  • 18 additional supplements
  • Powerful steam cleaning
  • Outdoor and garage thorough cleaning as well
  • Perfect for all sealed floors
  • Smooth cleaning of toughest greases on ovens and grills
  • Greater reach
  • Trustworthy guarantee and support


  • Flimsy
  • Steam loosed heat quickly

The verdict

Our six best steam vacuum cleaners in this article are based on extensive research, expert interviews, and numerous lab and home tests. 

Our Editor’s Choice based on the product mobility, engine power, output, and technology is the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner. 

In addition to an auto-mix feature, Heatforce technology, and flex force power brushes, this steam vacuum offers a smart cleaning method that balances vacuuming and steaming for the best results. 

With Smartwash Auto-clean technology, the machine pushes forward to clean and pulls back to dry on its own without any triggers, and there are multiple buttons so you can clean peacefully without guesswork.


Does Hoover’s steam vac carpet cleaner provide a cleansing formula?

The Hoover deep cleaning detergent is available in a 16-ounce bottle. Unfortunately, the gadget does not have an automatic mixing feature. 

The Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is also one of our Editor’s Picks for the best carpet cleaner on the market.

What is the best Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner among the Proheat 2X revolution and Proheat liftoff?

For deep-cleaning carpets, Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution and Lift-off Carpet Cleaners are the best. 

These carpet cleaners feature a low profile and a portable design. 

These two models feature a variety of features, including heatwave technology, dual dirt lifters, and pet-friendly attachments. 

As a result, Proheat lift-off has a noisy operation and operates only at 110 volts, whereas Proheat 2X revolution has a difficult assembly process due to its bulky features. 

Your home style will determine what is best for you, and this may differ from person to person. 

With innovative features and unique features, the gadgets presented here are unique and ground-breaking.

Using the McCulloch steam vacuum cleaner and its many accessories, what surfaces can I clean?

Among our top-notched steam cleaners, McCulloch 1275 and 1375 offer 18 and 20 additional accessories, respectively. 

Aside from cleaning sealed floors, the machine is also capable of cleaning outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, patios, and more with an attachable utility brush.  

With McCulloch 1375, you can clean lawn equipment and tools, wheels, engines, as well as the interior of your vehicle. 

In addition to this, McCulloch scrub pads provide additional scrubbing power for larger areas. 

In addition, you can use a handheld steam cleaner to clean tight, unsanitary spaces in the bathroom, such as toilets, faucets, and mirrors.

The McCulloch also removes dust mites and bed bugs to protect your furniture and mattress. 

Hot-pressured steam is used to successfully clean the toughest jobs in your garage and workshop, without the use of chemicals. 

Your purchase is accompanied by a manual guide, and you may contact customer support if you have any questions. Manoeuvring well in this manner takes time, however.

In conclusion

It is not uncommon for us to purchase a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner only once every ten years or so. 

It is quite complicated and costly to purchase these household devices, and we want the best for our homes, our lives, and our families. 

As a result of the dynamic structure of the house, it can be necessary to clean the house both using vacuum cleaners and steam cleaning machines at times, which can make renting a machine more exhausting. 

For this reason, it is preferable to own one that can permit you to better understand the composition of your home as well as its respective needs. 

So, at yourvacuumcleaner, our focus is on vacuum cleaners’ design, testing, redesigning, manufacturer data, and customer reviews, followed by article writing so you can have practical, real-life information that will assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

In summary, we hope you have gained a relatively comprehensive understanding of steam vacuum cleaners after reading this article, so that you can choose the best one for your home. Enjoy your shopping!

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