Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cleaning Pet Hairs

One’s life can be transformed by having a pet and filled with joy and love. It is a pleasure to have an animal companion. 

Their unconditional love and loyalty serve as our emotional and physical support, as well as fostering our playfulness.

Even though humans and their furry companions have a win-win relationship, keeping them clean and maintaining their health is a major challenge for pet owners. 

We are presenting you with the six best vacuum cleaners we have tested and proven to be effective in removing pet hair. 

The purpose of your visit is to find out which vacuum cleaners are the best. 

This indicates that you have a good understanding of the relationship between pets and hygiene.

First, let us introduce ourselves. Is there a reason why you should trust us? 

Cleaning hobbyists have formed a community dedicated to researching, testing, and educating about vacuum cleaning. 

In our community, we strive to simplify the information related to vacuum cleaning so that you can make more informed and clear decisions when buying and using vacuum cleaners. 

This article contains vacuum cleaners that have been examined and passed the tests designed by industry professionals.

Having owned two cats, I am familiar with the problem of fur. These animals make wonderful cuddle buddies due to their warm, cozy fur. 

Our differences notwithstanding, we share one common characteristic: I would prefer to clean their furs over not owning any at all. 

This is the subject matter of this article. 

I would like to assist you in finding the best vacuum cleaner to clean pet hair so that you can enjoy your time with your pets without having to worry about following up on cleaning.

Our Top 6 Picks – Best Vacuum Cleaners For Cleaning Pet Hairs

  1. Editor’s Choice: Shark IZ362H Anti-Allergen Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Best cleaning up hair: Shark HV302 Rocket Pet Corded Stick Vacuum
  3. Best value for money: BISSELL Icon Pet Cordless Vacuum(22889)
  4. Best suction: Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Best lightweight: Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Best all-rounder: Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum

1. Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Best suction

Editor’s Choice

Shark IZ362H

Anti-Allergen Vacuum Cleaner

Twice the suction of any cord-free vacuum.andsup1; Engineered for homes with pets. Cord-free cleaning, made easier. Intelligently optimizes suction and run time, to deep clean everywhere. With fade-free battery power and a battery-saving trigger

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It weighs 6.68 pounds and is a cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson. Dyson technology is designed to provide the right balance of power and run time, which may vary according to the type of floor and tools used. 

It is ideal for cleaning the entire house, particularly when there are pets present. 

Powered by high torque cleaner heads, this vacuum can automatically adapt power and suction to deep clean different types of floors without requiring you to change the head.

Due to the vacuum’s slim design, it is easy to clean low, awkward places and in a variety of places without having to worry about the length of the cord. 

Additionally, the vacuum can be converted into a handheld vacuum that can be used to clean cars, stairs, and upholstery.

It is Dyson’s most powerful cleaner head with Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS), which automatically adjusts motor speed on carpets and hard floors according to the surface. 

There are three modes available: eco-mode, automatic mode, and boost mode. The cleaner and healthier home can be achieved by simply rolling it on.

With this vacuum system, dust and debris are directly shot into the hygienic bin rather than the floor, resulting in a single pass clean. 

The canister has a capacity of 0.5 gallons and features a ‘point and shoot’ hygienic bin. 

This best suction vacuum cleaner lets you and your pets breathe cleaner air with its purple charging dock, ready to be picked up and used right away.

Eight advanced accessories are included: a torque drive head, a mini motorized tool, a crevice tool, a stubborn dirt brush, a combination tool, a wand storage clip, a docking station, and a charger. 

Your Dyson machine will be covered for parts for two years after you register for a free two-year warranty. 

The Dyson helpline is available at all times to assist you with your Dyson machine.


  • Plenty of suction
  • Automatically adapts power and run time
  • Works swiftly on small and tight places


  • Expensive
  • long recharge time
  • Non-swappable battery

2. BISSELL ICON Pet Cordless Vacuum (22889) – Editor’s Choice

Best cleaning up hair

Shark HV302

Rocket Pet Corded Stick Vacuum

BISSELL is proud to offer our best cordless pet hair management system floor care device for homes with pets and families. ICON pet Cordless is designed for pets and engineered for power.

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One of BISSELL’s iconic brands, this cleaner offers high cleaning performance and is our editor’s choice for many reasons. 

The stick vacuum has a slim design and can easily be converted into a handheld and high reach vacuum, allowing you to clean more spaces with just one device.

Designed with tangle-free bristles and strong suction with spins up to 3200 RPM, the brush roll of this pet-friendly vacuum keeps pet hair from wrapping around it. 

The vacuum includes a pet tool as well as a lighted-LED crevice tool on its foot to help you see pet hairs and other debris that are easily missed in the dark, under beds, sofas, and anywhere else.

With the mess-free dirt tank and clean slide technology, there is no need to clean after the cleanup, saving you time and energy.

As well as the vacuum’s high-powered digital motor, it comes with five well-built handy accessories, including a tangle-free brush, battery, crevice tool, wall mount, and charging station with a two-year warranty. 

Additionally, the vacuum is available in titanium and black colors that have a classic appearance as well as in blue for a light and calm appearance.

Even though the vacuum is on the budget side, it is equipped with a prominent filtering system, which helps to trap dust and allergens within it. 

By offering a distinct and uncompromising design, the BISSELL ICON Pet Cordless Vaccum saves pets by contributing 25% of the proceeds to the BISSELL Pets 

Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides forever homes to homeless animals. That’s right! There are many good reasons for the editor’s choice.


  • Lightweight
  • Tangle-free brush rolls
  • Smart Seal Allergen System
  • Buy BISSEL, save pets.


  • Doesn’t reach tight corners

3. Tinoco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Best lightweight

Best value for money


Pet Cordless Vacuum(22889)

High performance 350W motor provides powerful suction for deep, thorough, multi-surface cleaning

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This Tineco A10 vacuum’s best feature is its weight of only 5.03 pounds. 

The lightweight body is easy to maneuver for floor-to-ceiling cleaning, and the attachments are available to reach corners, stairs, and crevices. 

Our best lightweight vacuum cleaner is presented to you here.

This cordless vacuum provides deep cleaning without putting much or almost no pressure on your hands, thanks to its powerful suction mode of up to 105W. 

The multi-tasker power brush is certified according to ASTM-F608 standards, and provides 2.5X more power and 80% more cleaning performance than ordinary cordless vacuums. 

This inventive, fresh machine can produce the magic of a clean home and a relaxed person.

This 4-step HEPA filtration system removes dust as small as 0.3 microns from the air. 

It is available in space blue color and includes three specialized brushes, a rechargeable battery, crevice tool, and hair cleaning tool. 

There is a two-year warranty on the vacuum cleaner. 

You simply touch a button to empty the dustbin, so you do not have to remove complicated filters and bins.

As the vacuum has a 25 minute runtime in regular mode and 10 minutes in max mode, it is easy to use, however you cannot work for a very long period of time. 

However, there is a purpose for this. Let me explain.

Due to the fact that the machine is subject to the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, the run time is systematically reduced to only 10-25 minutes, which poses no significant health risks. 

The amount of time given must not be exceeded. In the shortest time possible, this vacuum produces the best results.


  • Lightweight
  • Converts to a versatile hand vacuum
  • Deep cleaning
  • Powerful Suction
  • Wall-mounted storage and charging


  • Expensive

4. Shark IZ362H Anti-allergen Vacuum Cleaner – Best value for money

Best suction

Dyson V11

Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Cordless Anti-Allergen lightweight stick vacuum is packed with Shark’s most innovative technology, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal to capture dust, allergens, and dander, and a brushroll engineered to pick up more hair with no hair wrap.

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Shark’s innovative technology is packed into the Shark IZ362H Anti-Allergen Vacuum Cleaner. 

Featuring hypervelocity acceleration, the vacuum is ideal for cleaning under furniture and in tight corners due to its streamlined body shape.

When transformed into a hand vacuum, the 7.17-pound vacuum can be used on floors, in tight spaces, as well as above the floor, such as windows and ceiling fans. 

Among the best features of this vacuum is its powerful brush roll. 

In this innovative brush roll, silicone fins are used that provide continuous cleaning contact, which allows it to directly engage with floors and dig deep into carpet to pick up more hair. 

The best part is that there is no hair wrap as this is a self-cleaning brush roll, unlike shark bristle nozzles.

Additionally, this shark is equipped with HEPA filtration and an anti-allergen seal filtration system that traps and traps dust, allergens, dander, and more, allowing you to breathe fresh air. 

In addition, the vacuum features LED headlights with which you can illuminate hidden debris around your home and make your cleaning task easier. 

In one sweep, you can polish the biggest room with this vacuum thanks to the XL-sized dust cup and 40 minutes of runtime.

This package includes three accessories, namely a crevice tool, a pet multi-tool, and an anti-allergen dusting tool, in addition to the red vacuum. 

You can easily store this vacuum by detaching the hand vacuum and attaching it to the base of the wand for freestanding storage. 

With the purchase of this vacuum, you are guaranteed a five-year Sharkninja warranty.


  • Super lightweight
  • Perfect for cleaning under furniture
  • Above-floor reach
  • Stick, handheld
  • Easy freestanding storage


  • No turbo brush
  • No hair wrap
  • High maintenance

5. Shark HV302 Rocket Pet Corded Stick Vacuum – Best Cleaning Up Hair

Best lightweight

Tineco A10

Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

At under 9 lbs., this powerful ultra-lightweight corded stick vacuum handles all floor types and easily converts into a handheld vacuum. It boasts nonstop corded performance for whole-home cleaning from floor to ceiling.

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Our top-notch list includes only one corded stick vacuum, considering that customers have a wide variety of choices and needs. 

The 8.2-pound device has a cord length of 25-30 ft and has the ability to reach long distances. 

The ultra-lightweight versatility of this corded stick cleaner adds to its charm since it can be converted into a lightweight, portable, handheld vacuum to clean hard-to-reach areas, tackle stubborn pet hair, and gain access to hard-to-reach places. 

Using this engine’s swivel steering feature, you will be able to move effortlessly in corners, around furniture, and in tight spaces without losing control.

In addition to having powerful suction, this model also leaves a deep cleaning on a variety of surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets. 

Due to the low profile design of the vacuum, it is capable of reaching under and low places that are difficult to clean with other vacuums. 

With the purchase of this corded vacuum, you will receive the following three accessories: precision duster, pet multi-tool, and crevice tool. In a flawless manner, this vacuum is made pet-friendly by the powerful pet hair pick-up attachment.

In terms of storage, the vacuum can be hung easily from the hook located on the bottom of the wand. 

As well as that, a bottom-emptying dust cup makes it easy and convenient to dispose of debris. 

There is a playfully bright orange color available on the vacuum, as well as a 5 year warranty from Sharkninja that covers replacements and repairs for a limited period of time.


  • Comfortable handheld design
  • Good performance
  • Low price


  • Bin fiddly to empty

6. Yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum – Best All-Rounder

Best all-rounder

Yeedi K600

Robot Vacuum

yeedi smart robot vacuum cleaner features 4 cleaning modes including Auto cleaning mode, Spot cleaning mode, Edge cleaning mode and two suction modes to meet different cleaning needs.

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Next-generation vacuum cleaners are our best all-rounders since the combination of outer design and inner engine has been engineered nearly to perfection. 

The vacuum is controlled by a remote control and weighs 6.72 pounds. There are four different modes of cleaning to meet your specific cleaning needs. 

Unlike general lithium batteries, this robotic cleaner has a 2600 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery built into the machine which makes it environmentally friendly.

When the cleaning cycle is complete or if the battery is low, the robot will automatically recharge so that you do not need to worry about running out of power.

Additionally, there are three brushes for deep cleaning, including dual side brushes for removing dust and a V-shaped nylon and rubber rolling brush designed to remove stubborn dirt and pet hair from carpets and hard surfaces.

In comparison to a microwave, the ultra-powerful suction design contributes a mere 55dB, producing a peaceful vibe in comparison to the microwave. 

As well as having the longest runtime of all the listed devices, it has a 110 minute runtime that tops the list. With the maximum mode, the suction power is increased by 2X, allowing you to remove stubborn dirt and pet hair. 

In the home, this is probably your greatest ally in the battle against dust of all kinds.

A triple-filter system provides fresh and clean air to breathe, and sneezing and itching are prevented unless you are ill.

This robot cleaner contains anti-collision technology that prevents bumps, falls, and scratches as drop sensors continuously monitor the floor. 

Additionally, this yeedi vacuum is capable of detecting stairs in order to prevent falls. 

Even with all these features, the anti-scratch cover keeps your vacuum shiny and new by protecting it from scratches. 

Your purchase of the Yeedi K600 vacuum cleaner comes with a worry-free 12-month warranty.


  • Four cleaning modes
  • Pet friendly and strong suction Expensive
  • Long-life battery and self-charging
  • Anti-collision infrared sensors and anti-scratch covers
  • Remote- controller
  • Drop sensors detecting floor and stairs
  • Quiet and peaceful
  • Triple filter system


  • Not great on delicate carpets

The verdict

The following are the ‘top picks’ when it comes to pet-friendly vacuum cleaners. 

There are several good options out there, but we recommend going with the editor’s choice:   BISSELL ICON Pet Cordless Vacuum (22889)

A smart sealed allergen filtration system has been engineered into this pet-friendly cordless vacuum. 

Upon purchase of the vacuum, 25% of the proceeds are donated to animal adoption fees. 

It is possible to achieve overall satisfaction financially and mentally by purchasing this vacuum cleaner.

It is also recommended that you take a look at the Yeedi K600, which is one of the most advanced up-and-coming robot vacuums.


What is the truth about pet-friendly vacuum cleaners?

Certainly, they are designed for homes with pets and each is equipped with features specifically designed to meet the needs of pet hair cleaning, whether it be powerful suction, swivel steering, or powerful brush rolls.

In what manner should I clean my vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is sold with a guide person as well as a manual guide. Alternatively, customer service can be contacted on other days.

As a conclusion:

A detailed testing spree over the course of many days and nights led to the creation of this article. 

In conclusion, we believe that after reading our article, you have a reasonable understanding of what the ideal vacuum cleaner is for you. 

We have worked hard to ensure that you make a clear decision.

As a result of reading this informative article from our website, we hope you are able to determine which vacuum would be most suitable for your needs. 

Of course, your pets should be provided with a healthy, happy environment.

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