Shark HV381 vs HV382

Shark is the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. The company manufactures a variety of vacuum cleaners.

Shark offers a cheap, durable, and versatile stick vacuum cleaner that will satisfy your needs.

As a result of the current market trend, vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular products.

Consumers are being fleeced by manufacturers by increasing the prices of vacuum cleaners. This is not the case with Shark.

Shark has remained true to its promise of providing a premium vacuum cleaner packed with special features at an affordable price.

In order to compare the two best budget stick vacuums from Shark and give our review, we purchased two of these vacuums.

How can we choose the best vacuum cleaner? Each product is reviewed extensively, compared in price and features, and a few are even purchased for hands-on testing.

Let us work on finding you the ideal vacuum cleaner rather than you wasting your precious time and money doing it yourself.

Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive reviews on vacuum cleaners. Our research can be trusted completely.

Our experience has taught us that it takes years and a great deal of money (by a lot, I really mean a lot!) before we finally understand the importance of vacuum cleaners and how the market manipulates consumers to take advantage of them.

The vacuum cleaners we tested performed poorly, and we were not sure why.

When we compared a number of vacuum cleaners, Shark and a few other manufacturers stood out as the most desirable.

Stop wasting your money by reading our articles on how to choose the best vacuum cleaners.

Top Two Stick Vacuum Cleaners From Shark

  1. Best Overall: Shark Rocket HV381
  2. Best for pet owners: Shark Rocket HV382

Handheld Vs Stick Vacuum (And How They Are Different)

You can use handheld vacuums to clean areas that are difficult to clean with conventional or upright vacuums.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning small areas as well as portable and cordless models.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are light like stick vacuum cleaners, however, they are bulky in design.

While both are battery-powered, quiet, and easy to use, they are entirely different from one another.

Sweeper vacuums (stick vacuums) are lightweight and battery operated, making them convenient like handheld vacuums but also feature-rich like traditional vacuums.

Rather than using bags, most stick vacuums use dirt cups for collecting debris.

As dirt cups do not have the capacity to hold as much debris as bags, stick vacuum cleaners are most commonly used for quick cleanups in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms.

There are a number of vacuum cleaners with dual cleaning capabilities. They can be used for both carpet and hard floors.

Shark Rocket HV381 – Best For Overall Basic Cleaning Needs

Shark HV381

Shark Rocket

Ultra-Light with DuoClean

The Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology gives you two brushrolls working in unison to remove the three types of dirt from your floors and carpets: large, small and stuck on particles – that’s Triple Particle Cleaning.

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A Shark Rocket HV381 is equipped with the advanced DuoClean® technology, which utilizes two brushes spinning simultaneously to remove dirt from carpets and bare floors of all types.

With the combination of power and DuoClean technology, exceptional cleaning results can be achieved.


  • Vacuum Modes: 2
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Cord Length: 30 ft
  • Attachments: 7
  • Vacuum Head(width): N/A
  • Swivel Steering: Yes

Looking for a cheap and durable item? Check out the Shark Rocket HV381. There are a variety of useful features on this vacuum cleaner.

Don’t be fooled by its sleek appearance. This device is extremely powerful and has excellent features.

This vacuum cleaner is among the more affordable models, but it will make sure to keep your house clean.

Modes of vacuuming

Which vacuum modes are available? Based on the latest DuoClean Technology, Shark’s HV381 is a lightweight stick vacuum.

The new technology enables carpet to hard floor transitions to be easy, swift, and completely automated.

Due to the two motorized brush-rolls and sensors that detect the materials of the floor, this giant leap in automation is made possible.

It means you do not need to switch between cleaning thick carpets and hard floors by changing the head or changing the settings.

The DuoClean Technology ensures a thorough clean whenever you use a Shark vacuum no matter what the material of the floor is.

Shark’s HV381 vacuum cleaner employs brushes that work in tandem to lift and remove layers of dust and debris from carpets and hard surfaces efficiently.

Steering swivels

Can the steering be swiveled? Due to the ultra-light and swivel steering capabilities of Shark stick vacuums, maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles is easy.

Mowing around furniture and corners is a breeze. It is so light that it can even be lifted to clean stairs and other objects situated on elevated surfaces without any loss of power or mobility.

With swivel steering, these vacuums remain flat on the floor and pick up any debris and particles they encounter along the path, regardless of which corners your vacuum is traversing.


Range and portability? The Shark HV381 is both highly portable and extremely powerful. With its ultra-light weight, even your gramps will have no difficulty moving, lifting, or pushing it.

It is now possible to clean difficult and difficult-to-reach areas in a matter of seconds. In order to run safely on both floors and carpets, Shark’s Stick Vacuums have soft and durable wheels.

A 30 foot cord is available when the vacuum is used without any attachments.

You will not be restricted from maneuvering the vacuum in any way you like with the new modes and attachments.

Shark HV381 has a large range of portability.


Can you describe the seven attachments? Under-appliance wand, Duster crevice tool, Upholstery tool, Pet multi-tool, Onboard storage clip, Wall Mount, and accessories bag comprise the seven attachments. Oh no! What a mouthful!

We have included an Under-appliance wand that allows you to conveniently clean under appliances and low furniture that are difficult to reach.

An attachment tool for the Shark HV381 that is an absolute must-have is the dust crevice tool.

You can accomplish remarkable things with a stick vacuum that are not possible with a traditional vacuum.

This tool allows you to easily vacuum tight spaces such as skirting boards, between cupboards, shelves, and corners, and clean effectively.

With the Upholstery tool, it is easy to remove large pieces of debris, dust furniture and other upholstered surfaces, as well as remove pet hair and lint.

Owning the Shark HV381 stick vacuum cleaner requires this tool.

Pet multi-tool attachments can be used to clean both tough and light pet messes.

After removing the bristle brush, you will discover an upholstery tool that can be used to remove difficult messes such as pet hair and large piles of stuck-on debris.

The stiff bristle brush can remove stuck-on debris or other light pet messes and the upholstery tool can be used to remove tough messes such as large pet piles and stuck-on debris.

In addition to securing two accessories at once, the Onboard storage clip is removable from the vacuum and can be attached to your vacuum.

As a result, the product is even more versatile than it already is.

Your stick vacuum comes with a wall mount so you are able to hang it on the wall for hassle-free storage.

A template that makes installation easy and fast is included, as well as screws, anchors, and instructions.

The Under-Appliance Wand, as well as some other accessories, are conveniently stored in a convenient storage bag.


  • Is very lightweight
  • Picks up all kinds of debris and pet hairs from edges and corners
  • Gets under sofas, beds and other furniture easily
  • Converts to a wand vacuum quickly and easily
  • Has several good attachments
  • Great suction power
  • Dust collection cup is very easy to empty


  • Won’t stand on its own in normal use configuration
  • Very small trash compartment
  • Does not include an extension hose
  • Not as wide as normal vacuums

Shark Rocket HV382 – Best For Pet Owners

Shark HV382

Shark Rocket

Ultra-Light with DuoClean

The Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean Technology gives you two brush rolls working in unison to remove the three types of dirt from your floors and carpets: large, small and stuck-on particles. At 10 lbs.

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Shark Rocket HV382 is equipped with a motorized brush which efficiently removes pet hair without clogging it.

The vacuum cleaner performs far better than other stick vacuum cleaners in terms of cleaning pet hair.

A combination of the power of DuoClean technology and an extremely powerful motorized brush for pet hair makes Shark’s HV382 a great vacuum cleaner for pet owners on a budget.


  • Vacuum Modes: 2
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Cord Length: 30 ft
  • Attachments: 8
  • Vacuum Head(width): N/A
  • Swivel Steering: Yes

Do you wish to find a product that quickly and efficiently removes pet hair? You may wish to consider the Shark Rocket HV382.

It features DuoClean technology and is designed to pick up pet hairs from any angle without clogging.

This vacuum cleaner is suitable for both carpets and hard floors. Sharks Rocket HV382 is able to pick up debris of various sizes, as well as pet hair.

Modes of vacuuming

Which vacuum modes are there? As with the previous model, Shark HV382 is also a lightweight stick vacuum featuring DuoClean technology.

Using this new technology, the transition from carpet to hard floors can be carried out quickly, easily, and automatically.

Which model is better? HV382 has a more powerful suction that makes it better at removing pet hairs while cleaning.

Its DuoClean Technology not only adapts precisely to multiple surfaces, but also fully eliminates every fleck of debris and pet hair no matter what the floor’s material is.

In order to effectively clean your carpets and hard floors, two brushes on the Shark HV382 work simultaneously to remove layers of dust and debris.

Steering swivels

Can the steering be swiveled? Every Shark stick vacuum has an ultra-light design and swivel steering, and it is very likely that the HV382 also has it.

It is easy to maneuver around furniture, edges, and other obstacles in the room when the steering is swivel.

As these vacuum cleaners are so lightweight, you are able to lift them above stairways and other objects placed on elevated surfaces without loosing any power or mobility.

These amazing stick vacuums from Shark have swivel steering technology which allows them to remain flat on the ground and pick up debris, pet hair, and other particles in their path, regardless of which corners they come across.


Range and portability? Like the previous model, the Shark HV382 is both extremely portable and highly powerful.

In addition, it is extremely lightweight, which makes moving, lifting, and pushing it around very simple. It is now possible to clean even the most difficult of areas in a matter of seconds.

In addition to soft and durable wheels, Shark’s Stick Vacuums are designed to run smoothly and comfortably on both floors and carpets without causing any wear and tear.

Like the previous model, the cord is 30 feet long when it is bare, without any attachments.

Although you are able to switch between modes and add attachments, you are still able to maneuver the vacuum however you like.

Shark HV382 has a portability range as extensive as Shark HV381.


Which eight attachments are there? In addition to the Under-appliance wand, the eight attachments are a Dusting brush, a Crevice Tool, an Upholstery Tool, the TruePet Mini

Motorized Brush, an Onboard storage clip, a Wall Mount, and an Accessories Bag.

In this model, the pet multi-tool has been upgraded and comes with one additional accessory as opposed to the HV281.

By using the Under-Appliance Wand included in this package, you will be able to easily reach debris that may be concealed under appliances and low furniture.

With the dust crevice tool, for your Shark HV382, you have a high-quality attachment tool that is a must-have.

It enables your stick vacuum to perform impressive tasks that a conventional vacuum could not perform.

Your vacuum will be able to clean tight spaces easily, such as skirting boards, between cupboards, shelves, and corners, with this attachment.

Upholstery tools are particularly useful for picking up large particles, dusting furniture, and removing pet hair and lint.

This is an essential tool if you own a Shark HV381 stick vacuum cleaner.

Your stick vacuum now has the power of an upright thanks to the upgraded TruePet Mini Motorized Brush attachment.

A number of embedded pet danders and hairs can be removed with this device.

Its incredible power allows you to remove even the toughest, clingiest pet hair, dirt, dust, and other allergens from deep within pillows and carpets without damaging them.

With the Onboard storage clip, you can attach up to two accessories simultaneously to your vacuum while cleaning. The product becomes even more versatile with this addition.

Your stick vacuum comes with a wall mount so you can hang it on the wall for easier storage. It includes screws, anchors, and an easy-to-read template for quick and easy installation, as well as instructions for fast and easy installation.

Furthermore, an accessory storage bag that is large enough to hold the Under-Appliance Wand and some other accessories as well as a convenient carrying case is included as well for convenience.


  • Is very lightweight
  • Picks up all kinds of debris and pet hairs from edges and corners
  • Gets under sofas, beds and other furniture easily
  • Converts to a wand vacuum quickly and easily
  • Has several good attachments
  • Great suction power
  • Dust collection cup is very easy to empty


  • Won’t stand on its own in normal use configuration
  • Very small trash compartment
  • Does not include an extension hose
  • Not as wide as normal vacuums

What is the best vacuum cleaner for you?

According to our research, the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning performance is the Shark Rocket HV382.

In addition to effectively removing pet hair, it also works well on hardwood floors.

Even if you have pets in the house, go for the HV382 model because it has many accessories that make it easy to handle all kinds of messes.

The two vacuum cleaners are only designed to clean small areas.


Is the flexible hose included with Shark stick vacuums?

There is no hose on Shark Stick Vacuum Cleaners.

Does the Shark Stick Vacuum have a retractable cord?

Unfortunately, the power cord is not retractable. On the other hand, Shark Stick Vacuums have two hooks that allow the power cord to be manually wrapped around the side of the wand and floor nozzle.

Is there a button to remove the dust cup?

It should have buttons on the sides for removing the dust cup. All you have to do is push the buttons on the sides to remove the cup.

Does it pick up long strands of hair?

HV382 is capable of taking in long strands of hair. However, it may become clogged. It is important to note that the Shark HV381 is less effective than the Shark HV382.

During each use of the filter, must it be cleaned?

The filter does not need to be cleaned after each use. If the filter needs to be cleaned, you can easily do so on your sink by rinsing it in semi-hot water.

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