Shark HV381 vs HV382: Which one the best?

For many people looking to buy a vacuum cleaner, finding it is pretty cool. They had to look for one of the thousands of millions of devices in the market. In addition, price is also their criteria when choosing. So this post will give people two options that everyone will be satisfied with. They are Shark HV381 vs HV382 and come from the Shark brand. This brand is holding many products with high user reviews and prices spread across many levels. Therefore, you can rest assured of these two products. If you still have any questions, please follow this article to get more information.

Shark Rocket Complete HV381
142 Reviews
Shark Rocket Complete HV381
Shark Rocket HV381 comes with DuoClean that can remove all sizes of particles and dust. Moreover, this item uses Never Lose Suction to support to adjust suction to give the best for cleaning.
Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light
3,558 Reviews
Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light
Shark Rocket HV382 TruePet mini motorized brush for dealing with pet hair. In addition, it adds more with Pet multi-tool that is effective in picking up pet hair.

Shark HV381 vs HV382 Overview

Shark always pays attention to the design to create a first impression on customers. Therefore, the designs of these two products are quite impressive. It is also quite flexible at work and thereby shows us its other features. That is the attraction that attracts the interest of customers.


Shark HV381 vs HV382 belongs to the ultra-light Shark Rocket line that Shark always believes in. Just under 10 pounds, you will not worry about carrying or moving to hurt your hands. Also, these items can be home clean in both a stick and a handheld format. Moreover, they all have many LED lights involved in the task of illuminating dark areas. Motor and dust cup five underneath the handle to be secure and easy to use. The dust cup is removable and cleaned after use. Especially, these Shark Rockets use some filters instead of the HEPA filter but others.


Shark HV381 vs HV382 are both highly portable that many people expect. They are all super light as Shark announced. Therefore, lifting it or pushing it around is not difficult. In addition, the two working modes Stick and handheld is difficult to work within many places. Furthermore, they have added wheels to comfortably run on both floors and carpets without causing scratches. However, only a swivel steering wheel is available in Shark HV382. Therefore, this causes the wand part of the device to rotate maneuverable.

Shark HV381 vs HV382 Comparison

Shark always provides good features and technology for its products. Besides, this line of Shark Rocket also makes a pretty good impression of what they show. These two products are in the same line so they have many similarities such as technology, weight, and other factors. Also, they differ in attachments, colors, and motors.


  • The Shark HV381 vs HV382 is super light at only 9.9 pounds – quite easy to use and transport. Also, you can perform a simple operation to convert from stick to handheld. Thanks to that, you can clean other places in the house, not just floors and carpets. In particular, these models take advantage of the 30ft long power cord to comfortably clean a large room with only one plug.
  • Plus, they use DuoClean technology to clean any size of particles known as Triple Particle Cleaning. This is thanks to the active work of two different brush-rolls, constantly rotating to catch dust and particles. In addition, they possess the Never Lose Suction to retain its strength and keep it circulating during the cleaning process.
  • Next, since the control button is on the handle where it is clearly visible and easy to hand, the user can use the fingertip control easily. Moreover, these items also utilize the light from LED lights to clean the whole thing, even dark places. In particular, their filters include 3 mechanic filters which can be used multiple times after cleaning with water and allowed to dry for 24 hours.


  • From the appearance, you can distinguish them by the blue plasma color of Shark HV381 and the gold/gray of Shark HV382. They have the same weight (9.9 pounds) and dimensions (10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches) so you can choose from one color.
  • Besides, Shark HV381 vs HV382 all use big dust cup but Shark HV382 has a bigger dust cup capacity with 0.91 quarts. In addition, it has an additional Swivel steering to make the wand and cleaning head blend smoothly.
  • Nevertheless, they use a motor that has a power rating of around 600watts. Shark HV382 is a bit weaker with a motor 505watts power rating.
  • Moreover, both Shark HV381 vs HV382 is from Shark Rocket, so they have many similar attachments. These include TruePet mini motorized brush, pet multi-tool, and under-appliance wand with duster crevice with accessories bag. In addition, they also use the upholstery tool, wall mount, and onboard storage clip. Meanwhile, Shark HV382 has a dusting brush, motorized floor nozzle.

The Price

Shark HV381 vs HV382 has a quite reasonable price for the majority of consumers. At this price, users will not have much hesitation but are willing to pay for a good machine. The Shark HV382 costs more around $ 50 – $ 70 when compared to Shark HV381. In addition, Shark will also send you 5 years warranty to handle the defects caused by the manufacturer.

Shark HV381

Shark HV382


Shark HV381 vs HV382 are the products you should own to make your home cleaner. The Shark HV381 is a bit cheaper and has a motor with more power. However, Shark HV382 has many dedicated attachments for many tasks. To choose between these two products, I recommend you pay attention to Shark HV382 because it is a newer machine and is more favored by the manufacturer in terms of accessories. it can help you to solve many different problems. Furthermore, it received more positive reviews from users.