How To Clean A Laptop Keyboard By Vacuuming?

Whatever frequency of use you may have, your keyboard may be smeared with dirt, crumbs, and other debris.

Despite its apparent simplicity, achieving a spotless (or crumbless) computer isn’t as easy as sweeping it all away with a vacuum cleaner, as you would under your dining room table.

You should take extra care of your laptop keyboard because it is electronic (and probably very expensive).

In order to avoid grime, dust, and dirt particles from the keyboard, it is necessary to clean it at least once a week.

A drink spilling on it, or sticky keys may also necessitate cleaning. With a clean keyboard, your laptop will look and perform better.

It is still important to be careful when cleaning it to avoid damaging the keys.

You can use a small handheld vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment if you do not have a portable vacuum cleaner and a tiny brush attachment.

This device removes dust and dirt from keyboards by sucking them up.

It is not recommended to use compressed air because it can blow dirt and dust into the laptop’s keyboard.

Is it possible to clean my keyboard with a vacuum cleaner?

How do you like your keyboard? A vacuum will be able to remove all the crumbs and debris, but be careful.

A standard vacuum cleaner is capable of easily picking up pop-off keys from keyboards.

I believe a USB-powered vacuum designed to clean keyboards would be more appropriate.

It is also possible to use cleaning slime to mold into cracks and crevices of your keyboard and adhere to debris.

It is also possible to use compressed air.  If you decide to use cleaning slime, you must consider these factors.

  • Your laptop should be shut down. It is recommended that you turn off and unplug your laptop before cleaning it. This will prevent damage from occurring. The USB drivers, the mouse, and any discs that may be attached to the laptop should be disconnected.
  • The keyboard should be thoroughly clean. The keys can be removed from the keyboard if you wish to do so and cleaned while the keys are in tact. You should remove the keys of your laptop only if it is easy and if you know how to return them. Should you choose not to remove the keys, please clean the laptop without removing them.
  • Holding the laptop upside down and lightly tapping it on the back will allow you to remove particles that might be hiding in the spaces between the keys.


It is important to allow the keyboard to dry completely before using the laptop if you have used water to clean it.

Let the keyboard air dry completely, whether keys are removed or not. Leave the lid open while it dries.

You should place the keys on a table or counter to dry if you have removed them. The keys should then be reinserted into the keyboard.

The keys on some keyboards must be depressed to return to the keyboard, while others are mounted on metal stands and can simply be slid back into place.

It is unwise to turn on or plug in a laptop that is not completely dry.


It is advisable to soak a dust-free cloth, cotton swab, or soft cloth in isopropyl alcohol before cleaning the keys’ tops. Use the cloth to gently rub the keys.

Ensure that the alcohol does not drip onto the keys. The wet cloth can also be wrapped around a teaspoon and dragged along the edges of the keys to remove dirt.

For the purpose of removing dust and dirt from the keyboard, you may blow compressed air onto it.

The substance is not actually air, but rather a chemical, so it needs to be handled with care. While holding the can upside down, you should not direct air on the keys.

Tilt the device at an angle while it is a few inches from the keyboard.


It is possible to keep a laptop keyboard clean by preventing dirt and liquids from getting on it.

  1. Do not eat or drink near the keyboard.
  2. Work in a dust-free environment.
  3. If you find a loose key after cleaning up, press the raised corner to secure it.
  4. Whenever possible, disinfect the keys with alcohol to prevent the print from being removed.

In conclusion

The best option would be to use a small portable vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment or a tiny brush.

Dirt and dust will be removed from the keyboard by sucking them up. It is not recommended to use compressed air as this may blow dirt and dust onto the keyboard.

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